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Printing・Colour Adjustment

We do printing for corporate clients, ink adjustment might differ slightly depending on the type of paper. As our Japanese staff are managing subtle colour adjustments, there might be a difference between minor details in colours such as "blue" and "indigo".


Future Stage provides printing services such as menu printing, corporate brochures, posters, sightseeing pamphlets and many more. We handle and manage printing services and the materials are kept in our warehouse for easy access. Delivery services are also offered to corporate offices and branches whenever necessary. 

■ Company Brochure 
■ News Magazine 
■ Promotional Leaflet
■ Labels
■ Seal・Sticker
■ Envelopes 
■ Business Cards
■ Membership Cards 
■ SealRubber Stamps
■ Banner for Outdoor Advertisement 

We have high quality and efficient designers by specially sourcing and hiring talents from each country and they will come up with designs according to the project. We have a wide range of in-house designer, contract designers and Japanese freelance designers.

Our designers who are situated all over the world will come up with ideas and ensure that designs are completed within the deadline. 


A designer with many years of experience create designs according to the requirements of the client. 


We also design displays other than paper media.


We are doing 3D・CG design using CAD in architecture and car roadshows. 

Pictures Processing

The photographs taken after the photography session are processed by our designers and delivered as photographs with commercial quality.  


Raw photos are rarely used in advertisements, we will help you turn your pictures into captivating and wonderful pictures after processing. 

The pictures on the right shows 4 raw photos and 3 others taken with different levels of brightness. After processing the photos, the finished product is a beautiful and dynamic photograph.  

スクリーンショット 2018-10-04 午前4.07.03.png
Corporate Gifts

We produce original gifts such as souvenirs, presents and corporate gifts, etc. Gift ideas are provided for different requirements such as pens with customised company logo as a door gift for your event.

Sample of items that can be customised with company name or logo 

For enquiries +65 6570 5394


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