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Filming Crew Coordination
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Future Stage will arrange the necessary crew for photography services at the filming site. Experienced staff will adapt the angle of shooting and different settings according to different situations such as Japanese photographer, sound, local photographer, crane operator, drone operator and video assistant.

▪  Photographer

▪  Voice

▪  Assistant

▪  Lighting

▪ ︎ Gripman

Interview・Interviewee Research 

Our job scope includes researching on subjects who would be interviewed during news reports such as news programs and documentaries as well as applying for media permits. 


We will source for a suitable person for the appropriate program and coordinate the interview to filming. It is also possible for our experienced reporters to interview the client's requested interviewee directly.

Casting・Audition of Performers

Professional staff accustomed with auditioning and casting work will source for professional, semi-professional and amateur extra according to client's requirements. We have about 80 models registered under our affiliated company, so it would be easier to arrange models and talents according to your needs.

We will also prepare talents matching the filming environment according to your budget.

Filming Location Guide 

For enquiries +65 6570 5394


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