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Concert Management Support・Multi Recording

We support numerous stage show, fashion show management and support for concert management. We setup all the arrangements on the stage such as designing the stage, setting up backdrop, arranging concert manpower, sound and lighting, performers' management and so on.

From liaising with the talent office such as adjustment of the performance fee for arrangement of artists, arrangement of waiting rooms and drinks etc, to cleaning of costumes, we will ensure that there is total project management. Confirmation of progress with the stage moderator, acoustic and lighting staff as well as correspondence of coverage to the media would be required, we will definitely coordinate audience management crowd control as well as minor details.

In addition, we provide technical support to record concert patterns on multi-track. Simultaneous recording with standalone equipment, or simultaneous recording with PROTOOLS HD can also be performed.

Mixdown after recording can also be arranged. Camera photographers and shooting cranes would be arranged for a seamless filming experience. Please consult us if you are doing a concert with DVD content so that we can arrange according to your needs. 

Marketing Services 
Local staff in each country will coordinate advertising and sales in the market.
We do advertisement and marketing not only for Japanese but also for local companies. 


For enquiries +65 6570 5394


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