Event Management・Support

Organising promotional launches for new products and services by corporate companies, government agencies/ local government and various organisations are our forte. We take charge of total event management, preparation, and execution of events. For overseas events, technical glitches which could not be foreseen by the client might occur. Our company anticipates glitches and provides timely support with experienced staff. 

Technical support such as video and audio would be provided on important aspects of the event such as the entertainment section. 

Successful execution of event program・Arrangement of management staff such as program director to supervise the event. 

Properly supervise and brief the important technical staff on the delivery of video and audio segment.  

Event Planning

Promotional planning of new products and services・Planning services includes conceptualising and planning promotional events as well as event management for new product launches and services. We will also prepare for execution of the project. 

Our experienced staff and project executives will plan and execute projects that fits the requirements and purpose of the event. 

Before the execution of the event, the details of the event are planned from the minute details such as the selection of the number of workers and members to the important components so that both cost and quality are ensured. 


Communication with the person in charge at the venue would be sufficient to ensure that safety is not compromised. 

​Arrangement for Moderator・Translator・Event Talent

In international conferences, meetings and concerts, interpreters, translators and the necessary personnel and staff would be arranged to accommodate to the client.

In the field of entertainment, Future Stage would propose appropriate entertainers according to your budget and the nature of the event. From entertainment catering to the diverse culture of Southeast Asia to exciting performance for your audience and magic shows to wow your guests, Future Stage can do it all. 

We have a support crew that is indispensable for events that cater to Japanesesuch as local make-up artists, Japanese hosts and interpreters, etc. 

We also have Southeast Asian traditional performers and many others actively involved in corporate events. 

■ Event MC, Management Staff

■ Interpreter 

■ Chinese Acrobatic Troupe・Malay dance

■ Magician

■ Japanese Singer / Local singer

■ Actor

■ Violinist・Pianist


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